Ceylon Tea - 500g Loose Leaf

Ceylon Tea - 500g Loose Leaf

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Ceylon tea is one of the world’s most popular teas. Perfectly balanced with a brisk and lively flavour, it makes a refreshing and energising cuppa any time of the day.

Famed for its diverse growing areas, Sri Lanka’s climate is well suited to producing quality black teas. The expert Tea Masters at Ahmad Tea blend teas from different gardens to create this balanced loose leaf expression. They use ‘low-grown’ teas – harvested from sunny gardens below 600 metres (m) – to give the brew its colour and strength. Then, they add ‘medium-grown’ teas from cooler gardens between 600 and 1,200m to give the blend its lighter, citrusier notes.

Ahmad Tea's Loose Leaf Ceylon is a truly versatile brew. With its rich amber hue and fresh, zesty aromas, it suits the addition of a slice of lemon to bring out its zesty notes. Brewed richer, it also takes milk well, softening its briskness and emphasising its deeper flavours. Alternatively, enjoy the more refined and fragrant flavours of loose leaf Ceylon as a premium iced tea. Dilute a strong infusion with lemon, sugar and ice water to make the ultimate hot weather pick-me-up.